Preludi diatonici

For piano (2010–2019)

Duration: 20 min.
Instrumentation: piano solo
Commission: Nuova Consonanza, GOG Giovine Orchestra Genovese
Publisher: Ricordi (See score online)

World Premiere
5 November 2010
American Academy in Rome. 
Nuova Consonanza Festival.
[Season opening concert]
Emanuele Arciuli, piano

The Diatonic Preludes inhabit a place filled with many references and allusions, despite no quotation is ever made explicit. Each prelude focuses on a single structure of sounds, made by diatonic intervals, roaming through several fields of harmonic attraction. The intervals are derived from three contiguous keys of the piano, transposed either by fixed intervals, or freely.

05 Nov 2010
[World Premiere]
Nuova Consonanza Festival.
American Academy in Rome.
Emanuele Arciuli, piano 

24 Jan 2012
Bari (IT), Showville Theatre.
Emanuele Arciuli, piano

10 May 2012
[World Premiere of no. 4]
Milan, Elfo Puccini Theatre.
Sentieri Selvaggi festival.
Andrea Rebaudengo, piano
[Broadcast on RAI Radio 3]

11 Jul 2012
[French Premiere]
Festival de Radio France et Montpellier.
Beatrice Rana, piano
[Live broadcast on France Musique]

01 Oct 2012
[Swiss Premiere]
Zurich, Tonhalle.
Beatrice Rana, piano.

07 Oct 2012
[German Premiere]
Oldenburg, Oldenburgisches Staatstheater.
Beatrice Rana, piano.

13 Oct 2012
[USA Premiere]
Dallas, Steinway Hall.
Domenico Codispoti, piano.

13 Nov 2012
Paris, Istituto Italiano di Cultura.
Andrea Rebaudengo, piano.

13 Mar 2013
[Iceland Premiere]
Reykjavik (IS), HARPA Concert Hall.
Domenico Codispoti, piano

14 Mar 2013
Hamrar Isafijordur (IS).
Domenico Codispoti, piano

31 Jul 2013
Mezzano (IT)
Mezzano Romantica Festival.
Francesco Schweizer, piano

26 Sep 2013
Trento (IT), Conservatory,
Mondi Sonori Festival.
Francesco Schweizer, piano

08 Nov 2013
Crocetta nel Montello (IT), Auditorium villa Pontello.
Francesco Schweizer, piano

12 Oct 2014
Brescia (IT), Teatro Grande
Andrea Rebaudengo, piano.

04 Dec 2014
[UK Premiere]
London, Istituto Italiano di Cultura.
Emanuele Arciuli, piano.

10 Dec 2014
Rome, Sala Puccini.
Antonello Maio, piano.

26 Feb. 2015
Paris, Auditorium du Louvre
Beatrice Rana, piano.

14 Mar. 2015
[Austrian Premiere]
Telfs (A), Villa Schindler.
Beatrice Rana, piano.

25 May 2015
Latina (IT), Conservatory.
Le forme del suono Festival.
Silvia D’Augello, piano.

03 Aug 2015
Sermoneta (IT), Castello Caetani.
Festival Pontino di Musica.
Silvia D’Augello, piano.

04 Oct 2015
Milan, Spazio Teatro 89.
Francesco Libetta, piano

12 Oct 2015
Milan, Malpensa International Airport.
Fazioli Milano.
Silvia D’Augello, piano.

18 Feb 2017
Firenze, Teatro La Pergola
Beatrice Rana, piano

13 Dic 2018
Bari (IT), UrtiCanti Festival
Emanuele Arciuli, piano.

21 Dic 2018
Roma, Biblioteca Nardi
IUC Istituzione Universitaria dei Concerti
Silvia D'Augello, piano.

21 Feb 2019
Roma, Fondazione Isabella Scelsi
Silvia D'Augello, piano.

01 Aug 2019
[World Premiere of no. 5–6]
Genova (IT), Palazzo Ducale
GOG Giovine Orchestra Genovese
Mariangela Vacatello, piano.

08 Dec 2019
[China Premiere]
Yiwu (China) Cultural Center
Emanuele Arciuli, piano.

12 Dec 2019
Beijing. Arts Center of China National Library
Emanuele Arciuli, piano.

Mit «Tre preludi diatonici» des Italieners Francesco Antonioni wagte die Pianistin sodann den Sprung in die Gegenwart. Die drei Stimmungsbilder des Henze-Schülers Antonioni verkörpern einen Typ von soft music, der problemlos in die Ohren geht, vor allem, wenn die melodischen Linien so klar aus dem flimmernden Beiwerk herausgehoben werden wie.

[With "Tre preludi diatonici" by the Italian composer Francesco Antonioni, the pianist dared a leap into the present. The three moody pieces of Henze's pupil Antonioni embody a type of soft music, which gets easily into the ears, especially when the melodic lines are clearly raised out of the shimmering background figures]

Thomas Schacher
Neue Zürcher Zeitung, 3 October 2012 (on Preludi Diatonici at Zurich Tonhalle)

«Laconico ma vivido divisionismo timbrico»

[Laconic but vivid divisionism of timbres]

Angelo Foletto
La Repubblica, 3 June 2012 [on Preludi diatonici in Milan]


Preludio n. 1
Beatrice Rana, pianoforte

Preludio n. 2
Beatrice Rana, pianoforte

Preludio n. 3
«Gates to Everywhere»
Domenico Codispoti, pianoforte

Preludio n. 4
«We Clutch the Grace the Higher»
Domenico Codispoti, pianoforte

Preludio n. 5
Francesco Antonioni, pianoforte

Preludio n. 6
Francesco Antonioni, pianoforte

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