It's a piece that exudes the confidence of a composer who knows exactly what he wants and how to achieve it.

Andrew Clements

Il pensiero che questa musica trasmette è una conquistata libertà da qualunque dogma avanguardistico, ma anche antiavanguardistico.

[This music conveys a conquered sense of freedom and overcomes both avant-garde and anti-avant-garde dogmatism]

Dino Villatico
Classic Voice

La musica contemporanea funziona e piace quando sono chiari il pensiero, la tecnica e l'immaginazione. La prova? Gli occhi che si fermano di Francesco Antonioni, eseguito […] dall’orchestra dell’Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia sotto la direzione di Antonio Pappano.

[Contemporary music is effective and pleasing when thought, technique and imagination are crystal-clear. The proof? Gli occhi che si fermano, by Francesco Antonioni, performed […] by the orchestra of the Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia, under Antonio Pappano]

Luca della Libera
Il Messaggero, 11 Feb 2014

The expression is tense and taut, with the only concession to colour and varied timbre being the viola, which is tuned up a tone to sound like a Greek or Balkan folk instrument in its dark keening. It comes as no surprise, given the delicately controlled sound and movement and the rigour of the writing, that Antonioni has been a pupil of George Benjamin. His mentor conducted a finely tuned and highly charged performance of the work.

Hilary Finch
The Times, 29 Jan 2009 [on Ballata]

Una sorta di consacrazione di Antonioni–compositore. Un po' come accade nella perfetta discesa sulla neve di un campione medaglia d’oro.

[A sort of consecration of Antonioni-as-composer. As it happens in the perfect downhill race of a gold medal champion]

Mya Tannenbaum
Il Corriere della Sera, 10 Feb 2014 [on Gli occhi che si fermano]

I had a very talented fellow called Francesco Antonioni who helped me when I was writing.

Hans Werner Henze

Mit «Tre preludi diatonici» des Italieners Francesco Antonioni wagte die Pianistin sodann den Sprung in die Gegenwart. Die drei Stimmungsbilder des Henze-Schülers Antonioni verkörpern einen Typ von soft music, der problemlos in die Ohren geht, vor allem, wenn die melodischen Linien so klar aus dem flimmernden Beiwerk herausgehoben werden wie.

[With "Tre preludi diatonici" by the Italian composer Francesco Antonioni, the pianist dared a leap into the present. The three moody pieces of Henze's pupil Antonioni embody a type of soft music, which gets easily into the ears, especially when the melodic lines are clearly raised out of the shimmering background figures]

Thomas Schacher
Neue Zürcher Zeitung, 3 October 2012 (on Preludi Diatonici at Zurich Tonhalle)